Simplest, Point-to-Point Signal Replication Solution

wio radio module



  • Wireless I/O mirroring system
  • Integrated radio and I/O design
  • 2x 4-20 mA inputs/outputs (Radio A to B)
  • 2x configurable discrete I/O (Bi-directional)
  • Fixed I/O count for ease of use
  • Designed for use in non-hazardous locations
  • No software or programming required
  • -40 °C to 80 °C
  • 868 MHz, 900 MHz, 915 MHz, or 2.4 GHz radio option
  • Secure AES encryption
  • US Patent #8,811,459 B1

Integrated Radio and I/O Design

The OleumTech® WIO® System (Radio Kit with Onboard I/O) provides instant I/O connectivity and is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for solving a vast number of point-to-point I/O and stranded asset monitoring and control challenges. The kit is comprised of Radio Module A and Radio Module B.

The Kit provides two unidirectional analog 4-20 mA inputs and outputs (A to B only). It also provides two independently configurable discrete I/O channels that can be set up for the signals to travel in either direction (A to B or B to A). For the sake of simplicity and ease
of use, the I/O count in this system is fixed (non-expandable). This WIO System option is designed for use in non-hazardous/ordinary locations.

The original modular WIO System is also available if you require a scalable or customizable I/O solution. 

Reliable, Robust, and Secure

The WIO System leverages reliable, robust, and secure RF technology that replaces traditional hardwire systems by eliminating the need to trench and run conduit and wire. By doing so, the WIO System provides significant reduction in both setup time and cost for users.

The Radio I/O Kit is available in 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, or 868 MHz option. The Radio set comes paired from factory so there is no additional work for the users. The system offers secure RF communication using AES encryption and fail-safe output protection in case RF goes down for any reason. The communication response time can be set to either 400 ms or 1 second, giving you additional control in update speed and power usage.